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What is Core Process Psychotherapy?

Core Process is a mindfulness based therapeutic approach that enquires into your present moment experience, including thoughts, feelings and body sensations. This is a gentle yet highly effective way to bring awareness to your unique personality process and see what gets in the way. Through this mindfulness you can learn to explore yourself with curiosity and kindness, and a deepening in awareness leads to healing and greater self acceptance. Becoming more aware of the nature of our day to day experiences may help us to understand, befriend, and work with our challenges. It also encourages us to remember our own sources of joy, laughter and happiness. This work can help develop practical skills for self care that will be invaluable long after the therapy may have stopped.Core Process has been developed in part from Buddhist psychology, exploring how to respond to the suffering that life brings, along with the modern psychodynamic understanding of personality development  from Western psychology. Core – refers to our intrinsic whole self that is beyond the conditions of this life, and where we are whole and free. Process – refers to the way we are in this moment, including all our personality and processes. Rather than regressing to the past, the work is more about really allowing our present experience and seeing how our past conditioning has affected us. Integration and freedom come from insight into the ways in which we hold on to our suffering, and from a deeper connection with the openness, compassion and wisdom at the heart of human experience.  I do not call myself a Buddhist, whilst being deeply committed to this way of working with people. I work with a feeling of hope and belief in our own capacity to change. ​​​​​

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