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Franceska Hannis
Private Psychotherapy Practice
Exeter and South Devon

"our most fundamental sense of wellbeing is derived from the  conscious experience of belonging. When we feel part of the whole, connected to our bodies, each other, and the living earth, there is a sense of inherent rightness, of being wakeful and in love"  Tara Brach


We all face difficulty and challenge at some point in our lives. Psychotherapy can offer invaluable support, insight, warmth and clarity in a safe and confidential setting. It can be useful in times of crisis or difficulty when talking with close friends may not be enough. Or perhaps there is a desire or need for a greater self-understanding and reflection on the way you are experiencing your life.



The right person to support you is really important and can make all the difference. Research has repeatedly demonstrated that it is the relationship with your therapist that is the foundation for lasting impact. To decide whether it feels right, you can find out more about my particular practice and approach to psychotherapy by clicking on "my practice" above.


The first step is to arrange an initial meeting by email or telephone where I can answer any questions that you may have and you can get an idea of how it would be to work together. This intial consultation is free.


All the information about where we will meet, how much it will cost etc, is on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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